Mila's Sweetcret - Dainty+Delish Petits Fours for Events...and Everyday!
Mila's Confectionary Concoction1.Mila's Recipe Book, Circa 1974.
2.Dainty Petits Fours Because Less is More!
3. Almonds, Coconuts, Pecans, Walnuts and Meringue - Only the Best for Mila's Patrons and Friends. 
Coconut Oil, Cocao and Raw Vegan Sugar - to Ensure Your Body and Mind Don't Soil. 
Organic Eggs & Ditto for Whole Wheat Flour, in Mila's KitchenAid Mixer! 
4.Lots of Love and Mila's Radiating Aura, the Most Vital of Ingredients that Can't  Be Measured...
...All Come Together to Make Mila's Sweetcret a Healthy and Sweet Treasure!